Rocket Stoves

The Authors

Ianto Evans

Ianto Evans

Ianto Evans is an applied ecologist, landscape architect, inventor, writer and teacher, with building experience on six continents. He teaches ecological building and has consulted to USAID, World Bank, US Peace Corps and several foreign governments on improved cook stoves, fuel supplies and kitchen technology. Ianto developed the Lorena stove in the 1970's in Guatemala-the first really successful widespread self-help cook stove. He has thirty years experience with research promoting and building woodfired stoves. He was a founder of Aprovecho Institute, Cob Cottage Company and the North American School of Natural Building.

Leslie Jackson

Leslie Jackson
Photograph by David Eisenberg.

Leslie Jackson is a natural builder, an educator and a musician. She's a freelance writer for such publications as Home Energy Magazine (on the web at She likes to build books with authors who don't like the minutiae and have something to say: Design, negotiating with printers, editing, proofreading, self-publishing, etc. Between book projects, she gives workshops in Rocket Stoves and natural building subjects and consults for the local natural building community. Leslie lives at the juncture between high and low tech in Oakland, Ca. See her personal website at

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